party platter (serves 6-8)                       55

humus, smoked eggplant, red beans, ezme, stuffed grape leaves, fried eggplant

(plus lots of bread for dipping)


crudites platter (serves 6-8)                   55

fresh veggie platter with your choice of dip (humus, smoked eggplant, ezme)


cheese cigar borek                              21/doz

lightly fried phyllo scrolls stuffed with feta cheese


stuffed grape leaves                              21/doz

grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, olive oil, and turkish spices


mini lamb shish kebabs                          35/doz

mini char-grilled lamb shish kebabs


mini chicken shish kebabs                      30/doz

mini char-grilled chicken breast kebabs


kofte                                                      18/doz

mini char-grilled ground lamb patties seasoned with turkish spices


baby lamb chops                                         55/doz

char-grilled baby lamb chops


imam bayildi                                           96/doz

whole baby eggplant stuffed with tomato, onion, green pepper, 

garlic and herbs, cooked in olive oil


artichoke hearts                                             85/doz

artichoke hearts braised in olive oil and lemon juice, 

garnished with potatoes, peas, and carrots


zucchini pancakes                                          30/doz

zucchini pancakes served with garlic yogurt sauce


by the pound


humus                                                          9/lb

mashed chickpeas, tahini, garlic


smoked eggplant                                               9/lb

smoked eggplant puree with garlic and olive oil


ezme                                                              9/lb

spicy mix of finely chopped vegetables


cacik                                                                         9/lb

yogury, cucumber, garlic, dill


shepherd’s salad                                                     8/lb

chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, onion, parsley


large turkish flat pide bread                                 3.50 each

best re-heated before serving (6 minutes, 400 degrees)




baklava                                                                              80/tray

sweet layers of thin phyllo dough layered with ground pistachio/walnut (80 pieces)


*We welcome your catering requests with a minimum of $250.00 and advance notice.